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Top 6 Amazing Astronomy Facts – Mind Blowing Reality

The Universe, one of the mysterious things that everyone wonders about and beautifully part of it. The beautiful stars in the sky at night glimmer beautifully and make everyone overwhelmed by the beauty. However, have you ever thought about the natural science behind it? Additionally, the astronomers have also not completely unveiled the mystery of the science but revealed a part of it surely.

So if you are also fascinated by the universe and the discoveries of astronomers, then you should surely continue reading the article. We are here providing you detailed information related to astronomy. To know the profound details regarding the amazing astronomy facts, continue reading.

Top 6 amazing and astonishing astronomy facts to know

The universe is wide and beyond the reach of the astronomers surely. However, astronomers have discovered many surreal facts while making their great discoveries. Let us get started with the listing of some of the astonishing and fantastic astronomy facts that can blow your mind.

  1. Space has no voice: the first fact is that space has no sound and is completely silent. The reason behind it is that sound waves need a medium to travel through. As we are well-acknowledged of the fact that space has no atmosphere or vacuum due to which it has no particular medium using which the sound can travel through. That’s the reason that there is always eerily silence between realms of stars. Earth has an atmosphere that provides the sound vacuum and medium to pass by also allows others to hear the sound. So earth and other planets having atmosphere have plenty of noise.
  2. Neutrons stars can spin at a rate of 600 rotations per second: if you have ever known to the astronomy, then you would be known to the fact that neutron stars are one of the possible evolutionary endpoints of high mass stars. These are formed in the Cora- collapse supernova star explosion and eventually the extremely rapid consequence of the physics. These neutron stars can rotate 60 times per second after their forming. However, in different space conditions, they can rotate up to 600 spins per second.
  3. Universe has an uncountable number of stars: have tried counting on stars in your childhood? Well, everyone does that but has wondered how many stars are present in the sky. The simple answer is uncountable even if you use a computerized telescope, yet you cannot know the number as the universe is massive to discover. We estimate how many stars are there are in our galaxy, the milky way. By taking that estimate, we multiply it with the galaxies in the universe to get the best guesstimate number. To boot, after all the math, NASA has discovered that there are zillions of uncountable stars. Zillion is an uncountable amount according to an Australian national university study estimate at 70 sextillions. If you put in another way, it would be nearly 70,000 million, million, and million.
  4. Earth uses more energy every hour from the sun than any planet uses it in the year: the earth is the only planet that has life existence so far. You would be astonished to know the fact that earth uses more energy every hour from the sun than any planet uses it in the year. The usage of solar energy has increased up to 20 percent each year for the past 15 years of the earth. According to a specific report of the yale environment 360, the world has actually added to 30 percent more of the solar energy capacity in 2017 that can be explained as 98.9 gigawatts of solar energy that was produced that year. However, even after using such a large number of energy, only accounts for 0.7 percent of the world’s electricity usage is done by the other planets.
  5. One of the Saturn’s moons has a distinct two-tone coloration: Saturn’s moons has two distinct tone coloration. Lapetus that is a part of the Saturn moonset is actually a pretty unique celestial object. The moon has a beautiful two-tone coloration that cannot be seemed from naked eyes, but using a Dobsonian telescope might help. If you don’t want to spend a high price on the telescope, then online, you can find the best telescope under 1000 that is a fair price to be paid. The two coloration tone shows one side is lighter than another. The reason behind the color tone is that position concerning the rest of the Saturn moon is different.
  6. The positioning of the north star changes over time: well, it is a strange fact that has taken place is that the navigation of the Polaris stops being the north star in about 13000 years. The earth axis goes through a motion called precession that simply means that the planet’s axis will amend and trace out of the shape of the cone- however, that might be slight. The possibility of occurrence of it is around 26000 years for the axis to trace out the complete cone shape of the star. In addition, the earth’s current north’s star will ultimately shift its positioning as the planet earth undergoes precession motion.

There are dozens and dozens of facts regarding astronomy. It is impossible to enlist all of them, so these are some of the surreal ones that are equally interesting and mysterious. Astronomers are struggling every day to discover the universe in a better and convenient way.

The bottom line

From the details mentioned above, we can surely conclude the fact that natural science is greater and wider than modern science. The great astronomers have also not unveiled the secrets of nature and the universe. The universe is something that is beyond science and humans’ reach. We should always cherish the beauty of it; also, the astronomers are trying to discover habitat living for life. Surely we will discover the other facts and secrets of the universe and explore the other planetary living as well. These were the listing of the astronomy facts that we have stated above we hope you find the details mentioned informative.

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