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New from Denkmeier Optical! 

Russ Lederman of Denkmeier Optical and Inventor of the Power Switch System for Binoviewers and the Power Switch Star Diagonals for SCTs and Refractors, now offers a magnification changing system that makes any single eyepiece work at 4 magnification factors in Newtonians and Refractors.


My favorite telescope is a 20 F/5 Dobsonian. The many nights I stood on top of the ladder and worked through problems associated with making a binoviewer focus at low power factors resulted in the world's first 2 aperture, multi-magnification Optical Corrector System (OCS) for binoviewers. I then realized that lenses could be Switched Out automatically with a lens switching device and this would allow one pair of binoviewer eyepieces to work at several magnifications. The same could be done with single eyepieces for all those mono-observers. My first priority was to allow binoviewers to work better. We at Denkmeier Optical are now pleased to offer a Power switching System for those single eyepiece users!

Just For Newtonians?
I designed our S1 Power Switch Star Diagonal for SCT single eyepiece users. Rod Mollise reviewed this diagonal on cloudy Nights Web Site years ago and loved it! But what about Newtonian and refractor users? This is your answer. Now, the INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW allows those who view with single eyepieces to quickly switch between three barlow modes. Just load any 2 or 1.25 eyepiece (Optional 1.25" adapter available) into the Insta-Switch 2 eyepiece holder and the eyepiece works at three additional magnification factors of 1.8X, 2.2X, and 3.2X. Small focus changes are required. The INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW will work in both Newtonians and Refractors.

                                                                                                                       Shown with Optional 1.25" adapter

Top Quality Fully Multi-Coated Optics
As always, we star test our optics in order to detect any abberations. Our coatings are highly efficient and average 0.25% reflection for each air to glass surface. Superior Transmission And Color Correction (STACC) is the result. For illustration purposes, note that the INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW is outfitted with a 31mm Nagler (not included).

Example: Using a 31mm Nagler, if the magnification factor in your telescope is 50X, the INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW would then add three additional magnification modes for this eyepiece resulting in:

90X at the 1.8X setting with the A Lens Carrier moved to center
110X at the 2.2X setting with A and B out. The front lens remains in the lightpath.
160X at the 3.2X setting with the B Lens Carrier moved to center.

The INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW is compatible with our own Denkmeier Eyepieces, Tele Vue Ethos®, or any high or low quality eyepiece out there. We of course always recommend using the best eyepieces, especially when they become four eyepieces when used with this device!


After viewing with your single eyepiece in normal mode, remove the eyepiece from your telescope focuser or star diagonal eyepiece holder, and load in the INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW. Insert your eyepiece in the INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW eyepiece holder, and slide in the A side lens using the thumb tab located under the unit. Note that there are no arms that extend from the side.This is the lower 1.8X mode. Now slide the A lens to the orignal out position. You now focus outward a bit and the factor is 2.2X. Now slide in the B tab. Focus outward a bit and the factor becomes 3.2X. It is that easy. Great for planets, star clusters, glaxies, deepsky, and Lunar! Your normal 1X use for a single eyepiece requires removal of the INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW so that you are back to the typical setup, but this takes less than a minute and is just like removing any eyepiece.

Yes, will work with most refractors. Just load into the star diagonal 2" eyepiece holder and load your eyepiece into the INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW eyepiece holder.

Weight: 22.4 oz. without optional 2"/1.25" eyepiece adapter (additional 3.2 oz.)

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We can deliver your INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW within a few weeks. Visit our Website at www.denkmeier.com  
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New INSTA-SWITCH BARLOW for Newtonians and Refractors. In-Stock though check for availibility of this hot new product! Normally ships within one week. Weight is 22 oz. Optional 2'/1.25" adapter is an additional 3.2 oz.  "Choose One" drop-down windows allows you to add a 2"/1.25" eyepiece adapter for using 1.25" eyepieces.   Order Now!!  Actual Shipping Cost Will Be Added When We Ship.
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